Celeste ****ADOPTED****


Say Hello to Celeste. She is a very beautiful girl who came to us from Yuma who we rescued because we felt that bringing her here to Chandler she would find her forever home. Celeste was rescued off the streets of Yuma so she is one tough girl. She is shy and a bit scared at first when meeting her. When I bring new kitties in the house I let sit in the living room where the other cats can get to know their smells and the new cats learn the smells of the new house. Well it took Celeste almost 10 hours to come out of her carrier and begin to explore her new surroundings and know it was a safe place to be. It took her a few days to warm up to me and know that she could trust me and know that I only had total love for her. So trust and love is earned with this beautiful girl. Once she knows you and trust you she will give you all she has. Animals love when they feel your love. Give this girl your love she needs a home to call her own she deserves it. She was most likely dumped and forgotten by her previous family and we want to make sure she is never forgotten again.