Captain ****ADOPTED**** & Tennille ****ADOPTED****


Meet Captain and Tennille! They are brother and sister who were rescued from a barn and are now happily living it up in luxury indoors. Captain is a bit more laid back then his sister and takes a bit more time to trust you. After all trust is earned you know. If you rub your fingers together he will lift his head for you and he likes to be rubbed on the side of the face and the ears. approaching him with your hand from above his head tends to scare him and he will crouch down. He really loves his sister and they cuddle up to sleep. He will cuddle with me, however that was after he learned that I loved him and he could trust me. Don’t chase him to show him affection that only scares him. And what ever you do not run the vacuum around him it terrifies him. I set him back a few days because I did not think anything about it. He likes to wrestle with toys, feather toys, balls and loves the 3 level ball chaser. Open you heart to this lover boy. We are trying to keep Captain and Tennille together so please double the fun with these two siblings and double the love.

Meet Tennile and her brother Captain! Now she does not sing, but she is a lover. She has jsut about the cutest little face! She fur coat is so super soft. She loves her brother Captain and is emotional support and is always trying to get to come out of his shell. She is so outgoing and so