Brie ***ADOPTED****


Meet Brie. She is one of our Mamma cats this year, we brought in from Yuma with her kittens. Brie is a Flame Point Siamese Mix cat. She has the most beautiful fluffy cream colored coat with caramel ribbon throughout and stunning blue eyes. She has had a rough few months though. While she was feeding her kittens, she rolled over onto her back and put her leg through the cage. She snapped her femur! It was unbelievable! Brie was a champ when it came to surgery to fix her leg, and the several months of rehabilitation. Her kittens are all grown and have been adopted into their forever homes now Brie is ready for hers! Brie is a very friendly cat! She loves people and seems to be okay with other kitties. We’re not too sure about dogs yet. Brie would love to be brushed each day to keep her glamorous coat looking that way. And snuggling with you will likely be one of her favorite activities.
The Vet saw her and X-rays show that her leg is healed and Brie is ready to have everything she wants! If you are interested in Brie, please complete the pre-adoption application on our website.