Bonnie ****ADOPTED**** & Clyde ****ADOPTED****


Meet the sweet little Bonnie. She was bottle feed so she is a very loving little girl. She loves to be with her humans and loves to be held and with you. She likes to play with her brother Clyde. Not sure who is the trouble maker!

Meet this great little man Clyde! He is the brother of Bonnie and man is he a pistol! He is jsut about the sweetest little guy around the town of Chandler. He was a bottle feed baby so he is more attached to his humans then other cats other then his sister, but he does live with other cats and gets along fine. He just prefers humans. He loves, loves to play all day. All boy here. He likes to wrestle with his sister and he really like to win, but sometimes he cries and looses the match. He plays with just about anything. If you have room for a fun little guy look right here because here he is.