Beatrix ****ADOPTED****


Beatrix is a very sweet ans special girl. When she was 11 weeks old she went into something called fading kitten syndrome and we were not sure she would survive. She stopped eating and her weight dropped from two pounds to 11 ounces. We had to force feed her but we all thought there was no hope. Then one day it was as if she just decided that she was going to live. She started to eat wet food but only in a silver bowl. So from now on, she will only eat out of a silver bowl and only wet food no dry at all and it must be chicken and turkey only, no fish flavors. We just think it is a good thing the bowl doesn’t have to be gold! Beatrix is such a wonderful little girl with tons of energy and she loves to run, jump, wrestle and play with the other kittens. She loves wand toys and feather toys are her favorite. Ball Towers are awesome as well, she loves chasing the balls in circles. Little Beatrix will be ready for adoption on August 3, 2019. If you would like to meet her email Kattered Tails and we can arrange a meeting. Beatrix is the best!