Bear ****ADOPTED****


It’s Bear here,

Let me tell you a little about myself, it might take sometime so I would have a seat. I am a very sweet Extremely shy little girl, I don’t know why I am with having 14 siblings but my Foster mommy always tells me that I am the sweetest princess, Yes a Princess. She tells me that I need extra attention to help break my shyness, once you do catch me I can’t stop purring.. I love the belly rubs, the butt scratches and of course those kisses. I do tend to hide around the house, My foster mommy says it because I like to have my space some days. Other days you will catch me running across your counters trying to steal your pork chop. Or I might be hanging out on your shower curtains who knows what I’ll be doing. I do know that my Foster Mommy says that I am a princess so I guess that makes me royalty and that I can pretty much do whatever I want, which I already do.