Bagheera ****ADOPTED****


The dignified Bagheera here. He is sitting tall and proud like the regal boy he is. He has had it a bit rough the month or more. His owners father past away unexpectedly and he was unable to take his pets with him to his new home with him. So Baheera has lost his boy and his two dog friends in a month. He was very said when he realized he his boy was leaving him and he was left in a new home by himself with no one he knew. On top of that he got neutered, O’ man, right! However, with the love of his foster mom he is coming around and giving back all the love he is getting. His mom says he has some around nicely and is such a lover and loves to be petted. Bagheera is not fond of other cats though but we are hoping that this changes with there being other cats in the house he is being fostered in. He did live with two dogs so hopefully he will get along with new puppers in his life. Slow introductions are the best as we all know.