Alaster ****ADOPTED****


Here is one awesome cat! Alaster is a beautiful blue kitty with glaring green eye draw you in! He has the longest legs of any kitty I have ever seen. He is super sweet, loves people, loves to be petted and get chin and ear scratches. Alaters likes to just up on the my lap to get all the attention he can. He even makes these little chirping noises every now then.
He gets along great with other cats and is so gentle with younger kittens. He absolutely loves to wrestle and play chase. He likes to stretch out on the bed for a long afternoon nap then he wakes and is ready for play session #2. He would be great with another cat the same age, not with an older cat he is to active. We are not sure about dogs and he has never been around kids although I don’t anticipate any issues with that.