Meet Miss Agatha.
She is a beautiful blue girl with stunning green eyes.
I often call her Aggie and she is quite the Love bug.
She will rub on your for constant attention and love. Angie is one of those kitties who growls when she is happy, I know it’s quite odd. When she eats she is so excited she growls while she chews. I often think she gets her purring and growling confused. She loves her ears to be scratched and her head to be rubbed as well. She loves to be petted down her back to her tail but not the base of her tail scratched. We’re not quite sure of belly rubs at this time. She loves to chase the feather wand through the air so we believe she would be a good mouser.
If you feel that you can give Miss sweet Agatha a wonderful home please complete our pre-adoption application located on our website.