“007” (Vader)****ADOPTED****


“007” is one big handsome dude! He weighs in at a big 17 pounds of pure love. He may be scared of you at first but once he knows he can trust you and you love him he will totally become your stalker.
He will be your best friend, couch buddy and lover all wrapped in up in one big tuxedo boy! When get can’t find you he meows very loudly to call you. All you do is call back “007” I’m right here and he comes right to you. Don’t be scared of his hisses at first, this guy is all talk until he trust you. He would never hurt a fly, he just acts grumpy. I’ve grown attached to this big guy!
This guy would like to be adopted with his sister Emily they grew up together and will miss each other. Emily is just as sweet if not sweeter and is a big girl.
Give these guys a chance and they will give you tons of love forever and a day.